When: 12 April at 19:30 in UTC+02
Where: Varesezaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium – Royal Conservatoire

The Impact of Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophy and New Emergences in Current Electronic Music and all its surroundings.
Since we have started discussing amongst ourselves the role of Feminism within music, I wish to broaden the horizon a little by including all of the above. Discourse is important, and an open mind. Everything can exist and be discovered. Music is the essence and the central guiding point. It is the connection that we can all agree upon.
I propose that as a music community we have to be responsible for finding out other voices as well as expanding our own voices amongst the noise. In this, it would be very agreeable to discuss a venue (room?) and time and a date to come together.
I also think that if this were to be a regular meet up, it would include both students and freely available teachers. It would be a place for each individual to research (for themselves and before each meet up): new (to them) and existing composers (naturally, this actively includes female composers); and pieces that you have not previously heard of; and how this aesthetically intrigues you etc. At the meetup, it would be to listen to these pieces of music and to discuss them and the composer, in the essence that surrounds them in the current hotbed of politics and aesthetics. It would mean individual motivation to find out about our surroundings. And a willingness to accept other experiences = Active thinking.

If this were to succeed in our greater understanding of where we all sit today, it could perhaps be a really vital part of our education, one that we cannot ignore or deny.

Please discuss below your interests, thoughts, ideas etc. I would be happy to admin this, and to finalise eventually a place and time/date for us all to be present.

Our invited speakers: Mariette Groot and Ji Youn Kang

Ji Youn Kang (Seoul, Korea) is a composer, sound artist and noisist based in The Hague. She moved to The Netherlands in 2006 and achieved her Masters’ degree both in Sonology at The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, and in Composition at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Her objectives and interests revolve around the creation of her own musical language that (re)presents the Korean tradition and cultural elements using materials from Korean music as well as newly created sounds. Most of her music pieces have been composed based on the rites of Korean Shamanism, and many of them were written for the WFS system (192 loudspeakers), exploring the relationship between musical and physical spaces. At the same time she has been composing Live Electronic music pieces for both traditional and non-traditional/newly built instruments, ranging from a solo instrument to a large orchestra, exploring mostly the primitive, empowering rhythmical elements and the noisy sound sources that the Korean ritual music involves.

Mariëtte Groot runs a mobile store called Underbelly, offering records, books, magazines, films and small musical instruments. This collection is curated with a focus on contemporary and historical avant-garde, experiment, do-it-yourself mentality and eccentricity. A focus extended to making live programmes, for example a series of all-female multidisciplinary events at WORM, Rotterdam.

Our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/483127121896424/


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