Event [No.4] – HOW NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES @Today’s Art Festival


When: 24, September at 11:0013:00
Where: Filmhuis, Studio A (Spui 191, 2511 BN Den Haag) 

New Emergences is a lecture and discussion series highlighting the current debates around gender in electronic music.

Earlier this year we began the series as a student initiative at the Institute of Sonology in March 2016. Throughout the three events that we have had so far, there has been a lot of goodwill for us and all the keynote speakers and panellists have provided their presence and conversations for free.

We have been very busy this summer preparing for this next event, and we would also like to invite you to take a look at our new website: New Emergences. Here we launch it to the public. It is an ongoing project and its ethos will be a hub that connects the projects of (primarily female but to include all other undervoiced) composers, improvisers, performers, researchers, film and sound artists working within the field of electronic music and beyond. It is envisaged to be a continuously emerging web of information that will serve as a platform to engage with new and existing voices.

We are very happy to announce that we have been able to place our 4th lecture and discussion event into the Bright Collisions Symposium of Todays Art Festival on Saturday, September 24th. The event will remain free to the public, and will start from 11-13.00.


Ruth Timmermans(BE/NL) – Director of Gonzo magazine, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

NEW EMERGENCES #4 – How numbers speak for themselves

For the discussion Ruth is joined on the panel by:

Anne La Berge(US/NL) – renowned composer/performer of electro-acoustic music based in Amsterdam.
Florian Cramer(DE/NL) – critical researcher in the arts based in Rotterdam.

Moderator: Mariette Groot(NL) –  runs Underbelly, a mobile store based in Rotterdam, with a focus on sound art and experimental music.

The discussions will focus in, and will extend into the points driven by the keynote presentation, and will allow questions from the audience.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/666427253512197/

TodaysArt program: http://todaysart.nl/2016/program/new-emergences4/


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