In a Nutshell [No.4]

Our 4th event, a special edition at TodaysArt Festival, was held on September 24th at 11am for two full active hours!

Our invited speaker Ruth Timmermans(BE/NL),  Director of Gonzo magazine( gave her keynote “How numbers speak for themselves.” After her Keynote, we continued with the panel discussion, moderated by Mariette Groot – who runs Underbelly,  a mobile store based in Rotterdam. -She was also one of the speakers at our first event as well.- Our invited panel members were Anne La Berge(US/NL) – a renowned composer/performer of electro-acoustic music based in Amsterdam(, who was also our invited speaker at the second event, and Florian Cramer(DE/NL), critical researcher in the arts based in Rotterdam (

We also had an engaged and active discussion involving the audience who represented people from the festival, the festivalgoers, some experts on the field of feminism, and a number of artists who were participating at the TodaysArt festival.
We will add a summary of the event soon on this page!

Semay Wu, opening the event
Ruth Timmermans, giving her keynote presentation
Mariette Groot, moderating the panel discussion
Anne La Berge speaking at the panel discussion
Florian Cramer speaking at the panel discussion
Audience participating the discussion

Photo by Anne Wellmer, more photos here.


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