Event [no.8] – The Other The Self @ INTONAL 2017


For its 8th edition – which will take place at INTONAL 2017 – New Emergences extends a warm invitation to musician, sound artist and curator Julia Eckhardt from Brussels (Q-O2). The other the self was the title of a number of events that were organized by Q-O2 in recent years and culminated in the publication of the book The Second Sound – conversations on gender and music (2017) which Julia Eckhardt will present on this occasion. For the discussion Julia will be joined on the panel by festival artist Susanne Kirchmayr AKA Electric indigo, from Vienna (female:pressure); by performance artist Helena Engberg from Malmö (potato potato); by curator Remco Schuurbiers, of Disk Berlin, ctm-festival and TodaysArt DH; and by the New Emergences team, represented by the composer/performers Fani Konstantinidou, Semay Wu and Anne Wellmer.

29 April, 17:00, IAC, The Red Room

Intonal: http://www.intonalfestival.com/talks-radio-films/

Julia Eckhardt – http://www.q-o2.be/en/artist/julia-eckhardt/

Susanne Kirchmayr – http://indigo-inc.at/

Helena Engberg – http://skandinavhaz.hu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/More_dj_Femte.pdf,


Remco Schuurbiers – http://www.remcoschuurbiers.com/


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