Event [no.9] – Gender, electronic music and the Iron Curtain @ TodaysArt Festival 2017

TodaysArt Festival 2017

22 September 16:15
Den Haag, Theater aan het Spui | Foyer

The next discussion will take place during the TodaysArt Festival in Den Haag.
The history of feminism, women in society, gender identity, and the representation of these topics had different trajectories in North-West European (NWE) and in the Central-East European (CEE) regions. Electronic and experimental music also stem from different histories in the two regions.This panel elaborates the influence these two different historical pretexts have on gender inequality and representation in the field of electronic and experimental music and sound art.

Justyna Banaszczyk
Svetlana Maraš
Lucia Udvardyova
moderator: András Simongáti-Farquhar

Entrance is free!

Find more info here.



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