Who We Are

We are a group of composers, improvisers, performers, researchers, and sound artists working in the field of electronic music, based in The Hague in the Netherlands. All of us have come through the Institute of Sonology, now based in The Hague at the Royal Conservatoire, and each member of the group has been involved in organising events and concerts in and around The Hague, Amsterdam and beyond. Much of our work has taken us further afield to places like Korea, China, Japan, the US and all around Europe, and we continue to be active in our particular field of work. Living in The Hague, we are part of an engaged music and art community which embodies the notion of grassroots activism that desires the honest, the curious and the provocative. With a steady bed of supportive personalities, the aim is to stimulate and to connect with others, whilst giving opportunities for each other to grow.

We are:

András Simongáti-Farquhar
Semay Wu
Marie Guilleray
Mariëtte Groot
Fani Konstantinidou
Anne Wellmer
Dan Gibson
Adam Juraszek