András Simongáti-Farquhar

András Simongáti-Farquhar


András Simongáti-Farquhar is a sound and media artist. Originally educated as a Social Scientist and trained as a traditional composer (Western Classical 18th-mid20th century), after which he studied at the Institute of Sonology, Simongáti-Farquhar has been investigating the intersections and interaction between the seemingly remote fields of Political and Social Science on one hand and different forms of sound art on the other.
His works have been focusing mostly on working with field recordings, analog modular synthesizers and most recently programming for musical purposes.

His most recent project is excavating the historical, technological background of Cold War radio jamming practices and how the specific geopolitical circumstances manifest in the resulting soundscape. Amongst others his works have been exposed at the Kultur:Stadt exhibition in Die Akademie der Künste, Berlin and OFF-Biennale Budapest.


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